PIAA State Championship Finalists, Central League Champions
Front Row: Grace Eaton, Maddi Little, Emilie Studnick, Maggie Stetson (Captain), Sarah Nicholson (Captain), Paige Loose, Jess Monastero, Lexi Dechiario. Second Row: Hannah Ashton, Kara Schwartz, Maggie Gladden, Amelia Kienzle, Sammy Stephans, Laney Stenson, Scottie Rose Growney, Sarah Brooke, Tessa Kerin, Jaclyn Klunder (Assistant Coach), Amy Orcutt (Head Coach), Allegra Gerhardt (Assistant Coach). Last Row: Ceara Sweeney, Monica Borzillo, Eliza Hacke, Sondra Dickey, Rilee Scott, Jules Horning, Chrissy Walton, Maddy Sopko, Micaela Bailey, Maggie Hanzsche, Lauren Burns, Elisabeth Ingersoll, Dana Cicchitti, Liz Scott, Meaghan McDugall (Assistant Coach), Ayesha Syed (Team Manager).

Varsity – Spring 2015

Player Jersey # Grade
Sarah Brooke 16 Senior
Jess Monastero 3 Senior
Sarah Nicholson 2 Senior – Captain
Maddie Sopko 19 Senior
Kara Schwartz 23 Senior
Laney Stenson 13 Senior
Sammy Stephans 9 Senior
Maggie Stetson 12 Senior – Captain
Emilie Studnick 6 Senior
Chrissy Walton 27 Senior
Hannah Ashton 22 Junior
Micaela Bailey 30 Junior
Monica Borzillo 8 Junior
Sondra Dickey 11 Junior
Maggie Gladden 14 Junior
Eliza Hacke 18 Junior
Maggie Hanzsche 20 Junior
Jules Horning 25 Junior
Paige Loose 10 Junior
Rilee Scott 7 Junior
Scottie Rose Growney 15 Sophomore
Elisabeth Ingersoll 21 Sophomore
Maddi Little 5 Sophomore
Liz Scott 17 Sophomore
Amelia Kienzle 4 Freshman
Ceara Sweeney 1 Freshman

JVA – Spring 2015

Player Jersey # Grade
Grace Eaton 13 Junior
Ilana Zipkin 3 Junior
Sammi Aufiero 12 Sophomore
Lauren Burns 5 Sophomore
Dana Cicchitti 6 Sophomore
Natalie Dahl 11 Sophomore
Lexi Dechiario 20 Sophomore
Lindsay Erickson 15 Sophomore
Sara Flatt 9 Sophomore
Anne Frascella 17 Sophomore
Madie French 4 Sophomore
Jess Hewitt 8 Sophomore
Morgan Littlewood 14 Sophomore
Meredith Ross 21 Sophomore
Katie Sedlak 18 Sophomore
Courtney Spencer 19 Sophomore
Lindsay Costikyan 7 Freshman
Tessa Kerin 10 Freshman
Grace McEvoy 2 Freshman
Emma McGillis 16 Freshman
Maddie Wood 22 Freshman

JVB – Spring 2015

Player Jersey # Grade
Abby Deeter 26 Sophomore
Kirsten Dirks 21 Sophomore
Taylor Heron 7 Sophomore
Georgia McLoughlin 15 Sophomore
Emma Scudder 6 Sophomore
Hope Skelly 17 Sophomore – Captain
Lexi Serafim M4/W24 Sophomore
Ashton Bayle 25 Freshman
Caroline Buck M18/W12 Freshman
Lauren Cauley 11 Freshman
Katie Chung M45/W12 Freshman
Rachel DiRico 9 Freshman
Christin Ealer 41 Freshman
Izzy Fialko 26 Freshman
Caleigh Ford 2 Freshman
Anna Hayden 12 Freshman – Captain
Sara Hole 9 Freshman
Emily Maneri 10 Freshman
Claire Marren M3/W20 Freshman
Maddy Nikolic 30 Freshman
Margo Pancoast 27 Freshman
Rosalynn Simmons 29 Freshman
Paige Turley 13 Freshman
Julia Weiss M1/W3 Freshman
Erin Weeks 22 Freshman

2015 Varsity Schedule

Date Time Opponent Location Score W/L
3/12 Thu 3:45pm Notre Dame Away S
3/14 Sat TBA Playday at Radnor Radnor High School / /
3/23 Mon 3:30pm Agnes Irwin Away 8-15 L
3/24 Tue 3:45pm Lower Merion* Home 15-2 W
3/28 Sat 11:00am Game vs. Martin County (FL) 15-5 W
3/30 Mon 5:00pm Game vs. Vero Beach (FL) 10-7 W
4/07 Tue 3:45pm Harriton* Home 17-12 W
4/09 Thu 3:45pm Radnor* Home 13-10 W
4/14 Tue 7:00pm Marple Newtown* Away 19-3 W
4/16 Thu 7:00pm Strath Haven* Home *Quix Stix Night* 17-6 W
4/18 Sat 2:00pm Great Valley Home 11-10 W
4/20 Mon 4:00pm Manheim Township HS Away 16-9 W
4/21 Tue 7:30pm Haverford* HHS Stadium, Cornog Field 16-10 W
4/23 Thu 7:00pm Ridley* Home 21-7 W
4/25 Sat 12:30-3:00pm Katie Samson Festival v. EA Radnor 9-8 W
4/28 Tue 7:30pm Garnet Valley* Away 13-11 W
4/30 Thu 7:00pm Penncrest* Home *Senior Night* 15-3 W
5/02 Sat 2:00pm Bishop Shanahan Away 16-5 W
5/05 Tue 7:00pm Upper Darby* Away 19-3 W
5/07 Thu 3:45pm Springfield* Away – Halderman (Front) 18-6 W
* Central League

District 1 Playoffs & PIAA State Championship – 2015

  • Game 1: 5/12 6:00pm vs. Pennsbury East at Teamer Field Score: 18-3 W
  • Game 2: 5/14 4:00pm vs. Central Bucks South at Teamer Field Score: 15-6 W
  • Game 3 (quarterfinals): 5/16 12:30pm vs. Springfield (Delco) at West Chester East High School Score: 17-7 W
  • Game 4 (semifinals): 5/19 6:00pm vs. Great Valley at Haverford High School Score: 11-12 L
  • Game 5 (playback for seeding for States): 5/21 5:30pm vs. Radnor at West Chester East High School Score: 11-10 W
  • States Round 1: 5/27 5:00pm vs. Southern Lehigh at Nazareth High School Score: 16-8 W
  • States Quarterfinals: 5/30 11:30am vs. Great Valley at West Chester East High School Score: 12-9 W
  • States Semifinals: 6/2 2:00pm vs. Radnor at Harriton High School Score: 9-4 W
  • States Finals: 6/6 12:00pm vs. Garnet Valley at Hersheypark Stadium Score: 10-14 L

2015 JVA Schedule

Date Time Opponent Location Score W/L
3/12 Thu 5:00pm Notre Dame Away 12-4 S
3/23 Mon 5:00pm Agnes Irwin Away 7-5 W
3/24 Tue 5:00pm Lower Merion Home 15-3 W
4/07 Tue 5:00pm Harriton Home 8-4 W
4/09 Thu 5:00pm Radnor Home 6-5 W
4/14 Tue 5:30pm Marple Newtown Away 17-1 W
4/16 Thu 5:30pm Strath Haven Home 14-4 W
4/18 Sat 3:15pm Great Valley Home 8-3 W
4/20 Mon 5:15pm Manheim Township HS Away 8-3 W
4/21 Tue 6:00pm Haverford HHS Stadium, Cornog Field 12-3 W
4/23 Thu 5:30pm Ridley Home 12-2 W
4/28 Tue 6:00pm Garnet Valley Away – Field 3: Stadium 7-8 L
4/30 Thu 5:30pm Penncrest Home 14-1 W
5/05 Tue 5:30pm Upper Darby Away – UDHS Memorial Stadium 16-1 W
5/07 Thu 5:00pm Springfield Away – Halderman (Front) 10-7 W

2015 JVB Schedule

Date Time Opponent Location Score W/L
4/08 Wed 3:45pm Garnet Valley Home 7-7 T
4/10 Fri 3:45pm Radnor Home /
4/13 Mon 3:30pm Downingtown West Away – Parkside #3 14-4 W
4/15 Wed 3:45pm Haverford Away – Williamson Field, Manoa Elementary 17-1 W
4/17 Fri 3:30pm West Chester East Home 18-1 W
4/21 Tue 3:45pm Unionville Away 8-9 L
4/22 Wed 3:45pm Garnet Valley Away 9-5 W
4/24 Fri 3:45pm West Chester Rustin Home 13-1 W
4/29 Wed 3:45pm Notre Dame Home 19-9 W
5/01 Fri 3:45pm Downingtown West Home 8-2 W
5/04 Mon 3:45pm Radnor Away – Rowland Field 12-7 W
5/05 Tue 3:45pm Unionville Home 7-7 T
5/06 Wed 3:45pm Haverford Home 13-1 W
5/07 Thur 3:45pm Notre Dame Away 12-5 W

2015 Varsity Highlights (Coach Orcutt)

Agnes Irwin (3/23): We had really tough opening game to Agnes Irwin. On the defensive end, Goalie Laney Stenson had 8 saves. Maggie Hanzsche had 4 loose balls and Maddi Little did a fantastic job on Agnes Irwin’s best player. Midfielder Liz Scott led the team in draw controls with 4. On the offensive end, Maggie Stetson had 3 goals and Monica Borzillo had 2. I was very proud of our girls for not giving up the entire game, that showed great character!
Lower Merion (3/24): The V team had their first victory of the season today defeating LM. Sondra Dickey was outstanding on the draw with 6 draw controls, 3 goals and 1 assist. On the offensive end, Moncia Borzillo had 3 goals and 2 assists. Amelia Kienzle scored her first career goal, congratulations!!! Even though the defense didn’t see much action, they did a great job holding LM to 2 goals. Goalie Jules Horning had 4 saves. Liz Scott led the team in caused turnovers with 3, while Maggie Stetson had 2. What a great way to bounce back from a tough loss. On to Springfield!
Vero Beach, FL (3/30): We had a fantastic win against Vero Beach while we were in Florida. It was a total team effort all over the field. We held on the defensive end and capitalized on their 2 yellow cards and scored 4 goals in less then 2 minutes. Scottie Growney was our GGG with 1 goal, 3 assists and 3 draw controls. Defensively, Maggie Stetson caused 2 turnovers, had 1 goal and 2 assists. It was a great win over the 9 time state champs of Florida!
Harriton (4/7): Wow! What a great game we had against Harriton! We had not beaten them in the regular season for a very long time. Once again, this was a total team effort! Defensively, Jules Horning had 3 major saves in a row which led to a 10 minute scoring drought for Harriton. Maddie Little and Elisabeth Ingersoll were both forces on the defensive end. E had 2 caused turnovers. Liz Scott was our GGG for the game! She had 3 goals, 1 assist and an amazing 6 draw controls! She was a force on the field. Monica Borzillo also had an amazing game with 5 goals, 4 assists and 3 caused turnovers! I couldn’t be more proud of the teamwork that I am witnessing on the field.

2014 JVA Highlights (Coach Klunder)

Notre Dame (3/12): W 12-4 – JVA had their first competition! We had a scrimmage against Notre Dame. Anne had an awesome game in goal, shutting them out in the first half and allowing only 4 goals in the second half. All of the girls did a great job playing together for the first time. The game showed the potential our team has and I am so excited for our next game on Friday against Bishop Shanahan. Go Stoga!!!
Agnes Irwin (3/21): JVA had a close win vs Agnes Irwin on Monday for our first game. We won 7-5. Anne had a huge game coming up with 8 saves and keeping us on the winning end. Dana had a great game on the circle, getting 3 draw controls. Scoring for Stoga included Natalie, Katie S, Ilana, Amelia, Dana, and Grace M (2). Go Stoga!
Lower Merion (3/24): Stoga overpowered Lower Merion today 15-3. We had nine different players score and five different players get assists. We achieved our team goal of 5 caused turnovers in the defensive end. Way to go Defense!! Morgan had a great game at the draw getting 4 draw controls. Scoring for Stoga included Tessa, Dana, Morgan, Maddie W, Ilana, Grace M (2), Katie (2), Lindsay C (3), and Grace E (3). Assists by Meredith, Tessa, Maddie W, Dana, and Ilana (2). Great team win JVA!
Harriton (4/7): JVA had a great win against Harriton on Tuesday. After being tied 2-2 at half, our team really turned on their game to pull away from Harriton and win 8-4 in tough weather! Lexi (GGG) had a great game at defense, coming up with pivotal ground balls and interceptions! Tessa also had a great game with three assists and one goal. Scoring for Stoga included Grace M, Dana, Lindsay C, Tessa, Grace E, Lindsay E, and Morgan (2). On to Radnor Thursday! Go Stoga!!
Radnor (4/9): Stoga won a close game against Radnor on Thursday! Meredith Ross scored in the last minute of the game to put us ahead 6-5 for win. Last year, Radnor was our only tie, so it was nice beating them this year! Meredith (GGG) had a great game all over the field, causing two turnovers, scoring two goals and getting two draw controls. Lindsey E had a great game on D, causing three huge turnovers. Grace M, Dana, Grace E, and Amelia also scored for Stoga. Great win Stoga!
Marple Newtown (4/14): Stoga had an awesome team win today. We accomplished all three of our team goals: we were able to score off of three different plays, get more than 6 caused turnovers, and we were over 60% on the draw. We won 15 of the 19 draws. We also had 10 different people score. We had ten different players score, including first goals of the year for Courtney and Sara! Dana did an awesome job on attack with 4 goals. Meredith did a great job at the draw, coming up with 5 draw controls. Defense did a great job of keeping the ball on the attacking end by causing Marple Newtown to turnover the ball 11 times. Lindsay E led the defense with 3 caused turnovers and was our GGG. Scoring for Stoga included Grace M, Ilana, Lindsay C, Sara F, Tessa, Courtney, Maddie W, Grace E (2), Meredith (3), and Dana (4). GO STOGA!!
Strath Haven (4/16): Stoga had an awesome win against Strath Haven last night. After having a tight half time score of 4-3, we went on a 10-1 goal run and won 14-4. Dana had a great game and was our GGG, scoring 4 goals and coming up with 1 draw control. We had an awesome game at the draw, getting 12 out of 19 draw controls. Meredith and Morgan led on the circle, Meredith getting 5 draws and Morgan getting 4. Our defense had an amazing game, causing 10 turnovers. Way to go STOGA!!!
Great Valley (4/18): Stoga had an awesome win against Great Valley!! Stoga won 8-3. Our defense played very well, holding Great Valley to only 3 goals and only a few more shots. Stoga dominated the draw getting 10 of the 13 draw controls, giving us the chance to possess the ball on attack. Everyone helped out at the draw. We had 7 different people get at least one draw. Helping at the draw included Ilana, Dana, Meredith, Lindsay E, Maggie (2), Ceara (2) Morgan (2). Great team win Stoga!!
Manheim Township (4/20): Stoga had a great team win against Manheim. We had 6 different players score for 8 goals!! We did a great job of working together to get each other an open shot. Defense had a wonderful game causing 6 turnovers on the defensive end. Maddie Wood (GGG) led the defense coming up with 3 caused turnovers. Lindsay C had a great game on attack getting 3 goals and 1 assist. Scoring for Stoga included Natalie, Grace E, Meredith, Maggie G, Emma, and Lindsay C (3). Keep up the teamwork Stoga!
Haverford (4/21): Stoga is on a roll!! We won another great game against Haverford. Stoga won 12-3!! Anne did an amazing job in cage and was our GGG! She had 6 saves in the second half alone, and really secured our win!! Stoga achieved our team goal of over 70% of draw controls, getting 12 out of the 17 draws. Morgan and Burns had great games at the draw winning 4 each. Scoring for Stoga included Morgan, Meredith, Burns, Katie S, Grace M, Tessa (2), Dana (2), and Grace E (3). Way to go Stoga! Let’s keep the winning streak going and beat Ridley!

2014 JVB Highlights (Coach Adams)

Garnet Valley (4/8): Despite the rainy, cold weather for our first game, the JVB girls came away with a big 7-7 tie against Garnet Valley. Last year Garnet Valley was our toughest game so I certainly think this bodes well for the rest of our season! Christin Ealer came up with 5 big saves in goal during the first half to keep us competitive. Goals were scored by Kirsten Dirks (2), Paige Turley (2), Hope Skelly (2), and Ashton Bayle. I can’t wait to see how the girls do against Radnor on Friday!
Downingtown West (4/13): Today the girls started with a goal right off the first draw and they just kept on going in this 14-4 win against Downingtown West! Anna Hayden led the team in both goals (3) and assists (3) which is a credit to her value as a teammate. Emma Scudder recovered 3 tough ground balls and made it look easy on a field that was covered in tall, think grass. On the circle, Ashton Bayle came up with 3 consecutive draw controls in the second half. Overall, it was a great first win for the team!
Haverford (4/15): Building off of their win on Monday, the girls came away today with a big 17-1 win against Haverford! Stoga dominated ball possession from the beginning and scoring was spread out over 12 different players. Congratulations to Maddy Nikolic, Rachel Di Rico, Izzy Fialko, Emily Maneri, and Lexi Serafim for scoring their first high school goals! In addition, over 70% of our goals were assisted which was great to see. During the game, a lot of girls got the opportunity to play in positions where they don’t normally play which was also really fun to see. Great game ladies!
Unionville (4/21): Today was a tough loss for the girls. Although we led for the majority of the game, Unionville scored a late goal to go up 9-8. Unfortunately, time ran out before we could get the shot off to tie it. The girls are pumped to play them again later in the season though so we can win the next one! All of our players got playing time even with the close score. Rachel Di Rico had an awesome game on the defensive end coming up with 4 crucial ground balls and some big double teams to force turnovers. Hope Skelly led the attack with 4 goals and 1 assist. Other goals were scored by Izzy Fialko (2), Kirsten Dirks, and Paige Turley.
Garnet Valley (4/22): The girls bounced back from a tough loss the day before to beat Garnet Valley 9-5 in the rain. Having previously tied Garnet Valley in our first game of the season, it felt great to come home with the win this time! It truly was a team effort. Attack kept possession in their end and made the most of their opportunities; six of the nine goals were assisted. Julia Weiss (1 goal, 2 assists) and Anna Hayden (2 goals, 1 assist, 2 draw controls) led the attack while other goals were scored by Hope Skelly (2), Ashton Bayle (2), Emma Scudder, Paige Turley, and Lauren Cauley. On defense, Maddy Nikolic, Rachel Di Rico, and Caroline Buck helped hold Garnet Valley to only 2 goals in the second half. Collectively, the team forced 5 crucial turnovers in our defensive end. Great win ladies!
West Chester Rustin (4/24): Not knowing what to expect going into this game, the girls came out strong and kept up the intensity the whole game! Julia Weiss led the attack with 3 goals and 1 assist. In addition, Katie Chung scored her first goal of the season and Rosalynn Simmons had her first assist – congrats Katie & Ros! Other goals were scored by Caleigh Ford (3), Izzy Fialko (2), Margo Pancoast, Hope Skelly, Emily Maneri, and Paige Turley. Christin Ealer had 3 saves in cage to hold Rustin to just 1 goal. Way to go Stoga!
Notre Dame (4/29): Despite going down 2-0 to start the game, Stoga came back strong today to eventually beat Notre Dame 19-9! Leading the attack was Caleigh Ford (4 goals) and Paige Turley (2 goals, 2 assists, 4 draw controls). In addition, Erin Weeks and Caroline Buck scored their first goals of the season – congratulations girls! Kirsten Dirks also had a great game today on both ends of the field contributing two assists, 1 goal, and 2 caused turnovers. Christin Ealer came up huge today in cage making 9 saves which helped preserve the win. Awesome job Stoga!
Downingtown West (5/1): I was so incredibly proud of the girls today for so many reasons! Even though we won 8-2, I was more impressed by the teamwork and selflessness displayed on the field by every member of the team. We went into the game hoping to get closer to our season goal of having every girl on the team score. Despite having a lot of easy shooting opportunities, the girls did all that they could to help out the three remaining players who still need to score. Their teamwork paid off big time! When Taylor Heron and Ros Simmons scored their first goals of the season, you should’ve heard the roar from our sideline! Next week we just need one more girl to score to meet our goal. Other goals today were scored by Hope (2), Anna, Georgia, Izzy, and Caleigh. Thank you for being such a great team today ladies!
Radnor (5/4): We finally got to play Radnor after weather cancellations earlier in the season but it was well worth the wait! Although the score was tied 4-4 at half, the girls readjusted in the second half and worked hard for their 12-7 win! Leading the scoring was Anna Hayden with 3 goals, 1 assist, and 3 draw controls on the circle. Izzy Fialko also contributed at center with 3 draw controls and 2 goals. Other goals were scored by Hope Skelly (2), Paige Turley (2), Emma Scudder, Rachel Di Rico, and Lauren Cauley. On defense, Georgia McLoughlin, Emily Maneri, Julia Weiss, Maddy Nikolic, Kirsten Dirks, Rachel, Emma, and Izzy combined for an impressive 10 forced turnovers. Abby Deeter came up big in goal during the second half to make 4 crucial saves which kept us in the game. Great work Stoga!
Haverford (5/6): After a slow start to the game, the girls got their heads together and ended up beating Haverford 13-1. We went into the game with one goal in mind – get the last girl on our team who hadn’t scored yet to score. When Claire Marren finally scored in the second half, the whole team erupted in cheers! Congratulations Claire! I am very proud of all of the girls for working together as a team to help every field player on our team score at least once this season. Aside from Claire’s goal, other goals were scored by Sara Hole, Anna Hayden (2), Julia Weiss, Margo Pancoast, Hope Skelly (2), Paige Turley (3), and Kirsten Dirks (2). Christin Ealer was not scored upon in the first half and she made 3 great saves. Abby Deeter also contributed 2 saves in the second half. One more game ladies!


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