Pioneer Culture


  • Have fun, work hard, and enjoy the journey.
  • Show respect for every person you have contact with on and off the field.
  • Put the team first. Successful teams have teammates that are unselfish and willing to put their individual goals behind the team goals.
  • Do your job. It is defined, but you must always be prepared for it to change.
  • Appropriately handle victory and defeat, adulation and humiliation. Do not get too high in victory or too low in defeat. Be the same person every day.
  • Understand that all organizational decisions aim to make the team better, stronger, and more efficient.
  • Have a positive attitude. Use positive language, (both verbal and body language.)
  • Display good sportsmanship at all times. Accept all referees calls whether you agree with it or not and never argue or be disrespectful to a ref.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!